Was Bran Castle Important to Queen Marie of Romania?

Marie, formerly Princess Marie of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg Gotha, became Queen of Romania in 1914, after the death of King Carol I of Romania. She was not crowned as Queen since at the time, the First World War had begun.

She was the mother of several children, most of whom would be born in Romania, and three of whom would be either King or Queens of various Balkan countries. (Her son King Carol II of Romania, her daughter Queen Elizabeth of Greece and Her daughter Queen Marie of Yugoslavia)

Bran Castle was one of her royal palaces, and it was important to her.  However, in 1914 there was one important fact.

She did not have Bran Castle as a residence. Bran Castle was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary, which in turn was a part of the Empire of Austria. It was an important historical place, but at the time was not an important place to worry about restoring. It did not look then as it does now.

Marie was influential in some of the restoration that Bran Castle would undergo in the twentieth Century.

After the end of World War One, Marie and many of the delegates at the Paris Peace Conferences were more worried about land, either losing or gaining it, than they were about landmarks. Most of Transylvania voted to join with Romania.  They were granted that wish, and in 1922 King Ferdinand and Queen Marie were crowned in the city of Alba Iulia.

This map shows where Transylvania was relation to Hungary before 1919, and if you look for Brasov, you will find it. Brasov, also known as Kronstadt, was another important city in Transylvania.


jehanbosch said…
Unfortunately the decision of Transsylvania was rigged as most referendums orchestrated by the first World War Allies. The inhabitants of the three western provinces which were not part of Transsylvania proper but of Hungary proper were mainly Hungarians with no desire to join Rumenia. No i am not of Hungarian blood. But it still remains unjust. Not that you will ever dare to publish this.. jehanbosch