How Much Money Does Transylvania Make Romania?

Do you think that everything should be about making money or the economy when it comes to the value of a country or part of a country? I believe it is important that each part of a country makes money for the country. It is important to keep the economy going. Each area, such as Transylvania in Romania, should create jobs and money for the people of the area.  Part of the economy of transylvania is natural resources, and another important part of this is tourism.

Tourism is a big generator of money, and you can see that money has been spent on the restoration of Bran Castle as an investment in that tourism industry.  However, the money which people give at the entrance of Bran Castle does not go towards the GNP of Romania because Bran Castle is a privately owned castle.  The owners are the decendents of Queen Marie of Romania's youngest daughter.  She became an Archduchess of Austria-Tuscany,

So how much money do you think Transylvania makes for Romania? Think about writing, especially about novels and authors and how they generate money that Transylvania gives for Romania.  The Gothic community plays a major role in tourism and there are many 'hotel dracula' in the Brasov area because of its close proximity to Bran Castle.

This might also include Hungary and the Austrian Empire when Transylvania was a part of these territory, but money was not a factor at that time- the factor in the people and kingdoms wanting this land was because of power, and strategic importance.  What was a factor was the power that came with the territory that each country had- the more places they could easily defend the better.

Factoring in tourism and the royal places and information, the GDP Romania generates from Transylvania is about 35% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Romania. This makes the fact that Transylvania makes money for the country it is in all the more important.