Writing a Blog About Transylvania: The Challenge

Most people who read or want to read a blog seem to understand that the writer is writing about a specific topic.  For example, this blog is about Transylvania.  This subject does not come without challenges.  One of those is, we have to know a lot of facts and details about the geography of Transylvania and also about its history and its surrounding legends.

Writing a basic blog needs another set of eyes to look it over before it is published since, more often than not, there are facts that might have been covered in posts the author has written before, but might need to be mentioned again to support the current post's ideas.  We write this blog with a long term commitment in mind.  In fact when it was first begun the idea was that it will last at least 10 years.

That's a lot of writing about history and people and places.  Fortunately for us, Transylvania is not a small place and it gives us a lot of information and inspiration to work with.  One only needs to think of Bran Castle to understand this.  Search for when Bran Castle was built or who lived there, and there is a lot of historical information there.

In many ways, writing a blog about Transylvania is like publishing a book about it: all the facts need to be checked three or four times.  There is also upkeep involved in creating and building on popular posts.  One post only had pictures but after I added more information it became a highly popular place for readers to go to.

A blog is a challenge, but it is one that we truly enjoy particularly since we are writing about a vast and fun topic: Transylvania, Romania.