When You Visit Romania Go and See Transylvania

There are many places to experience when you visit Romania.  In fact there are enough castles there to keep a tourist happy for a month or more.  Some are famous, and some among what were once a number of Royal residences.  One of those residences is Peles castle which is located in what was once Wallachia, and it was built by Carol I of Romania. This was before Transylvania was a part of Romania, and this was one of the many royal palaces.

Queen Marie of Romania

Peles Castle in Romania.

Some of the castles are restored and some are not.  The same holds true for the many cities and town in Romania.  This is also the case in Transylvania.  There is much to see in Transylvania, from the ancient cities to the towns, and there is also culture to experience.  Experiencing Romania's diverse culture is important for any person who wants to learn about the people and places in Romania, and also the history of Transylvania.

There is much more to see in Romania than "Dracula's castle", although that is a very important tourist destination.  It is one of the most popular destinations in Transylvania, and it has been restored over the years.  This is one of the reasons people write about Transylvania, there is quite the myth of people and places one can talk about.

When visiting Europe, tourists should make a point of going to Romania and  into Transylvania.  There are many places where one can learn what effect the Romanian revolution had on the country and its people, and one can also see the many different cultures that Romania, and more specifically Transylvania, has to offer.


Mason Whitfeld said…
Of all the castles in Romania, Dracula's Castle is my favorite. Not only it is creepy but also the ornaments inside the castle is really antique especially the castle's creepy doorknobs.