In Search of the Lost Ones On Sale

The Kindle Edition of In Search of The Lost Ones will be on sales for $1.99 US.  The same sale will be in effect for the other Kindle edition you can purchase on the other Amazon sites.

I'm excited to see what this sale will do.  This is a pretty interesting experiment, but I am willing to see how it goes.  Publishing a history book about Transylvania and receiving reviews is always interesting!  My problem is that it is all about the Second World War, and not about Dracula; it is niche market really.

The Transylvanian Saxons are an important and rich part of the heritage of Romania- and by way of having been there for centuries as a group and culture of Hungary as well.

This does mean I have to price all of the sites at a lower price, such as, or, but if there are more sales generated other Amazon websites, then I am more than happy to go for it. ( I also believe amazon Italy and France offer the book for sale.)

What I am hoping for is more readers, more people who are interested in the lives and the culture of the men who lived during a time of upheaval in Europe.  What makes them unique is that while each person started life much the same- in the interviews this is stated as much the people are still important and vital, and changed because of the Second World War.

This is one way to see how well people think of In Search of the Lost Ones.  These men and their lives should not be lost nor should they be tossed aside because of the fact that they were farmers or not as "interesting" simply because of this.  The paperback sales are steady, but this is something that will not only help me improve my writing, but will allow me find out what it takes to sell more books.