Michael the Brave, And A King and Queen of Romania

Michael the Brave should be better known than anyone in Transylvania. (This also includes Vlad Tepes, or Dracula). There is something about him and the era he lived in that makes Transylvania fascinating.  Alba Iulia, the city he entered in the picture below, also played an important role in the growth and history of Transylvania.

This city was also important to Queen Marie of Romania and her husband King Ferdinand, as they were crowned King and Queen of Greater Romania.  This happened after the gathering in Alba Iulia where the people of Transylvania decided that to unite with Romania.

This once again changed the map of Europe, and since 1919 most of Transylvania has been a part of the country of Romania.


Alexandru said…
Are you Romanian or of Romanian descendence/heritage?

I'm asking you that, because you seem to be very interested on Transylvania and you know lots of things about this domain. I was born in Romania, in Iasi, Moldova area and I've just descovered this wonderful blog.

Congratulations ! Keep up the good work !