Transylvania's Dracula

Most people who know about Transylvania know about Dracula.  Most people from North America only really know about Transylvania from what is in the novel Dracula, written by a man named Bram Stoker, or they know about the fictional character because of the many movies based on this novel.  Not many people seem to know about the real Transylvania.

Transylvania's Dracula was a prince and not a count. He was one of the many princes who ruled the small principality of Wallachia.

If you have heard of Transylvania or have a history there, then perhaps you know a bit more about Transylvania's Dracula, however, this also means that you know that he did do much of what documents say he did.

In the end, this man, Vlad Tepes, was killed and was beheaded in one of the many battles between Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire.