Who Had More Influence in Romania in the 20th Century? King Michael or Stalin?

Many people rightly argue that the Russian leader Stalin had great influence in a very negative way on the 20th century, and much of that influence can still be felt even 12 years after the end of the 20th Century.  This is something that makes historians wonder who has a lasting influence on a particular country- in this case, Romania.  Stalin influenced both the Soviet Union and the world, but he also influenced Romania.

King Michael of Romania is still alive today although soon, he will probably pass on, and lives in Romania and does not have what one might call influence- at least in the sense of Stalin.  However, after many years in exile, he now lives in Romania, and is viewed by many people with respect.  He is one of the few leaders of Romania who supported the allies, and his downfall in 1947 was because of the fear of his value to Romanians who did not support the communist party.

In many ways both men, in Romania at least, had a lot of influence, and most people who grew up between the years of 1930-1950 still recall both men's power and influence on the Romania of today. This also includes the area of Transylvania.  However note that while influence does die out, over time, or it changes, these two men have not lost their influence yet.