A Point of View of "Old Tranyslvania?"

I was re-reading the book Transylvania by Bowen Riley, and it struck me that I should look at amazon.com to see what others have said about it.  There are three reviews on this book and, for the most part, I agree with what the reviewers said.

One reviewer makes the point - and is supported by a comment - that the images are of an older Transylvania that can still be found, and that the book, Transylvania, leaves the reader with the impression that the land is still like this. (These are the photos of Bran Castle and a small village outside of a major city.)

Yes, there is old world charm, and I would agree with anyone who suggests that there is an intentional maintenance of this charm in order to draw tourism dollars to the area.  However, I also agree that there was some careful selection of the photos that were included in this book- the author is showing the "older" world to a newer audience.

I think that it would have been best to show a bit of the newer side of Transylvania as well in this book, or at least, have a second volume planned.  This is equally as important if you are a writer who writes about Romania and its ever changing land.