Transylvania, Romania and Maps and Castles

Most people say that if they ever go on a tour of Eastern Europe, one of the countries they would like to visit is Romania.  This is a good choice, since Romania has so much to offer.  It is also close to many historically significant areas of the last few centuries.

There is a part of Romania that people really ought to go and see, and that is Transylvania, Romania.  This is not only because of its historical value, but it does have some very impressive castles and other places to see.  One of those is Bran Castle, but there are so many more.

Part of the appeal is also that you can find many maps showing the history of Transylvania but also the general history of Eastern Europe.  There are also many excellent published books out there for people to read on the subject.

map of the united principalities of what would become Romania.

After 1600, Transylvania was a part of Hungary

A diverse population meant a lot of religions had Churches in the area.

Post World War I Map of Transylvania, Romania in Greater Romania

Map of Romania Post World War II