Should Publishing a Book on Transylvania Be Hard?

Transylvania and the people living there, or who lived there, is something I've enjoyed writing about, and it was a joy to publish a book about the land and its history.  For the most part, I enjoyed the process of writing, but I found that it was hard to write.

Maybe because there is little in the way of published books on Transylvania that I needed, but it still allowed me to write.  Since this was history and in an area where much of the history is handed down orally, then there were some challenges.

The question is, should publishing a book on Transylvania be hard?

No, it shouldn't be, and with the help of many people and with the help of many photographs, it was easier to write and edit the book. It is one thing to know the details, but it is another to see the details in images.  Publishing any book does not mean that there will be times when it is not hard, but again, it is the lack of written information, beyond travel information that made it harder.

Maps, like the one below, allowed me to write a stronger book — and don't let me forget: a very wonderful editor.  The more information I found, the easier it was to write – then it was a simple matter of editing and sending it off. History is a subject that people can find both interesting and daunting all at the same time.

Publishing something like this and understanding its impact on Transylvania means that more people can come to find out more about Transylvania, and that is also a hard fact for a writer to deal with.  Putting pen to paper is one thing and having a book published is another, and yet... it was not all that hard to write a book.

This is one of the reasons why a person chooses to write; to show readers about a place or a person that they are passionate about.  When there is limited information, it makes the writer work a bit harder, but it is worth it when there is something positive coming out of writing and publishing a book.