Do You Really Want To Travel to Transylvania?

I was asked a question via email a few weeks ago about the possibility of my traveling to Romania.

I want to go on record as saying that I love to travel, but recently I haven't had as much chance to do it as I would like.  I want to travel to Romania and see a lot of Transylvania, but there is one drawback that sometimes makes me laugh and at other times cry: it is the question, do I really want to travel to Transylvania?  It has a lot to offer to me not only as a writer, but as a person.

Yes, I would love to; it would give me a chance to see what this area is like now, many years after my ancestors left the area.  I have a good idea that I would see a lot of older castles and cities but the newer parts of the area also are high on my list.  I know I'll be going on a tour of both Romania and Transylvania, so that will be the highlight.  One of the many castles I want to see is Bran Castle.  I've wanted to visit some of the villages that members of my family grew up in, to see what has changed in comparison with older photos.

As a part of Romania and of Europe, there is something about Transylvania that makes it a much more interesting trip than only going to Paris, France or to London, England. There is something remote and exotic about this land, and there are things written on the land that make people want to travel there.

Do I really want to travel to Transylvania?  Yes, because there are castles and cities I want to see and that will inspire me to write another great book.

In Search of the Lost Ones