Transylvania, Romania and Publishing a Book

Most people can find a lot of information about Transylvania, Romania if they want to go on a trip to see a place in this area.  Many tourists go there simply to see the famous Bran Castle, but they need to have books on the subject if they want to go or to learn more about the area.

There is a strong market for travel books. Lonely Planet and others have published several about Romania and other Eastern European countries which means that for the average tour, you can prepare yourself with a fairly good idea of where Transylvania is in Europe.  For the history buff in all of us, there are many great castles and former royal residences to see there.

What else can a writer do if they want to publish a book?  Transylvania is a bit of niche market, and there are not many people who live in North America who know the history of the land very well, but there are more people in Europe who also know about the area and its unique people.

Since it is "Black Friday" in the United States, there is a great opportunity to publish a book around this time to promote Transylvania and Romania.  This happens every year so if you are considering publishing a book about Transylvania, plan on some promotion and a good date to publish.  This way you can expand on your ability to have people hear about this place.

Alba Iulia

Sibiu (Hermannstadt)
Transylvania, Romania is a wonderful place, and in my own experience it provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the past and publish a book.  In Search of the Lost Ones is available on and and there was the challenge of finding out more about this land and the people there.  It matters that more people need to travel there and to tour Transylvania, as it matters that people need to see a lot more places.