Why Publishing a Book on Transylvania Is Different

There is a lot of work involved in publishing a book, and you should spend a lot of time building your writing portfolio to make things interesting.  This is true with whatever you write.  This is more true when the subject is Transylvania and Romania.  There are books and travel guides and countless self-published books about the area or the people.

Take for example this photo; one can write a lot about it.  It was taken during the Alba Iulia convention where the people of Transylvania came together and decided to become a part of Romania.  This is not a hard topic, but publishing a book about the event could be difficult since there are many behind the scenes stories associated with it.

Publishing a book now isn't like publishing a book a few years ago, given the pervasiveness of online shopping and self-publishing- especially when it comes to niche markets and how readers and authors interact with each other.  The subject of Transylvania and its history is no different, and there is more to writing and publishing something about a place when many people do not know where Transylvania is located.  (Perhaps they only know about it because of Dracula or Bran Castle, because of Bram Stoker.)

One could write about Dracula, but that has already been done many times over- even the great-grand-nephew of Bram Stoker has penned a novel about Dracula- with the addition of Elizabeth Bathory, the Countess of the Blood as a vampire.  Bran Castle or other  travel destinations in Transylvania and Romania are also well documented, and one simply has to search on Amazon to prove this fact.  However, politics and history and culture are not written about as much, and this is why publishing a book on Transylvania is different than what most writers think it is about.