Just Write....About Tranyslvania

I love to write about Transylvania and the place it has in my life, and of all the things people should know about it.  It is great to publish a blog about Transylvania, and I find it even more interesting to learn about new places.

There is a bit of country that is often missed when you think about Transylvania.  Two of them, actually: Hungary and Romania.  This blog hopes to bring Transylvania and its roots to you, the reader, and expand on its history and perhaps also to touch on the origins of its myths. The area offers a writer so many sources of inspiration for his or her writing.

Transylvania is not just about people or places.  There are hundreds of castles a writer can write about.  There are history makers both modern and ancient.  There is beautiful culture and a hint of politics.  It has a a feel that people should know about.

Things About Transylvania isn't changing, it is expanding. I look forward to showing people that there is something to come and read and write more about... Transylvania.