Publishing a book About Transylvania

Anyone can say that they are publishing a book these days, and they will spend time and energy writing and editing their book.  It's a process, and it takes a lot of love.  After a while, there is a new question that you should ask yourself: whom are you publishing your book for?  This is especially important when you are self-publishing in a niche market.

If you answered, "For myself!", great; it is an honest answer.  It's also wrong.  You are publishing something more for others....

If you answered for money, you might be digging a bit deeper, and you are being more honest with yourself.  You know that you want to increase the odds that others find your writing interesting and good, and most people need money.  You need to make money writing, even in a niche market which deals with a small area like Transylvania.

If you have self-published a book before, you might think you know the ins and outs of the process better than someone who is doing this for the first time.  You might even have learned ways to save yourself some money, and increase your profits.

Or you might have a different reason to publish your book — for others.  On the surface this idea seems like a good thing, but that puts a bit of your ego on the table, doesn't it?  Writing for your readers leaves you at their mercy, and most people don't want to be at the mercy of anyone.  Readers are fickle people, and some will love your writing and some won't.  Writing for a reader is not a great idea when it comes to writing non-fiction or about cultures such as the people of Transylvania.

Writing is all about art, and the mastery of that art- before you publish in a niche market   Knowledge is a key to everything here, and knowing what Transylvania, Romania has to offer and what you know is more important than how great the cover or interior design of the book is.

If writing is an art form, because you will have to decide whom you are writing for, and whom you are publishing for.  It doesn't matter how great writer you think you are if no one else reads it, one look at can quickly tell you that fact with the millions of books out there who do not have a single purchase.  It doesn't matter if you make a billion dollars if you hate the art of writing or you end up losing what matters most to you.

Who are you publishing for?  If you don't know that answer you have a problem.  You could search Google and see how much choice you have, but it will give you a headache and generate more questions.  If you are publishing your book for yourself, don't worry about your readers, but don't expect glowing reviews.

If you write and publish for a small niche market don't expect millions of dollars, but also expect loyal readers.  They know as much as you do, and some might know more.

Whom are you publishing a book for?  That is the answer you have to balance before you even begin the process of writing and researching.


Amy said…
an interesting take! I publish a book for myself to be honest
Amy, I agree that publishing a book on Transylvania is important, but for me, I find if I focus on myself as a reader, my writing doesn't seem to flow as well.