Dracula: The Dark Prince A Movie Review

There are so many movie reviews out there, this one is mine.

This one is called Dracula: The Dark Prince, and I think it is an interesting take on the Dracula myth. I liked it because they included parts of actual history in the movie. The movie describes how he lived as a man, Vlad the Prince of Wallachia, and how he became the monster, Dracula. I also like the idea that Dracula loved a woman. I

t was the loss of his love that turned Vlad into Dracula. He became a monster, a vampire, when he lost his love and swore against God, saying how he would no longer follow in the ways of God. Then there is the fact of reincarnation that gets brought up. Dracula’s love is killed in the early part of the movie, and then her reincarnation appears as a vampire hunter out to kill Dracula. The methods used and the interpretation of the story of the movie are really interesting.

            A mixture of flash backs and comic book drawings tells the story in this movie. I found this to be a good way to describe the true agony that Vlad felt when his wife was killed by the priests that served him. There are just some emotions that cannot be truly shown that well by an actor, so sometimes it takes drawing it in order to get the idea across. Being able to highlight certain features is much easier to do in a sketch or drawing. I find that even my favourite actors are unable to fully portray some emotions in movies. Sure, some can get the emotions across in a TV series. 

The reason that they can do this is because they spend more time as that character and are more involved in the role. The opening credits in this film are a mixture of comic book images and images of the actors, and it details the story behind how Dracula became a vampire. The comic book images really come in handy when they need to portray the really, really emotional parts and bloody parts.

            I enjoyed the fact that they used reincarnation in this movie. I also really enjoyed they way they explain how Dracula became Dracula because I have not seen many movies that tried to explain how Dracula became a vampire. I also like that Dracula was in love, and it appeared that he was miserable without the woman he loved. 

I found it really interesting that they gave the name Elizabeth to Dracula’s love. The same name as the Blood Countess, the other person on whom the vampire myth is based. I also appreciated the love scenes, of course. No, I do not mean the ‘dirty’ love scenes, but those are there, too. I am talking, instead, about the sequence of scenes where Dracula convinces his love’s reincarnation to fall in love with him again. I will leave it to you to watch the movie to see what happens at the end.