Successful Author Book Signing

I am amazed by the number of people who came out to cheer me on or buy my book at my most recent book signing for my book about Transylvania.

I was even more pleased to note that many people knew about Transylvania — and not about vampires, who were not from Transylvania. A few people were originally from Brasov, and it was a delight to greet them.  I can say "Buna Ziua" with a more correct pronunciation thanks to a local Romanian gentleman who not only got a good laugh at my rather valiant first attempt at speaking it, but took me under his wing so that I might be able to speak Romanian — at some point in time.

Part of a successful book signing comes from experiences such as these, and also a willingness to learn more about Transylvania.  It's not as if I don't know anything (I know a lot about the Saxons), but rather, I continue to share and learn from others.

Because this is a niche market, most people who did buy a book were either history buffs or knew of Transylvania, or myself as an author.  Many didn't know much about me, but they loved the concept of my book.  A few wondered about publishing in general.  With all this experience, there are a few points I'd like to share.

1) Have fun: I know you've probably heard this already, but really have fun. There were possibly 100 people who approached the author table, but only about 20 percent bought a book this time, but next time they see me, and know I'm a local author it will make a difference.

2) Say Hello, and how are you?: Most people who came to look at my book came because I engaged them.  I said hello and asked them how they were doing.  I'm not generally a person who does this, but it works.

3) Don't get discouraged: I was happy with what I sold, so I can't complain.  I might wish for more books sold, but there is always next time.  A number of people were very interested, but they weren't out looking for a book at that moment.  When they see me next time, they might get it.  That's a powerful thought.

4) Remember your smile: Smiling goes a long way.  I heard more than a few people comment I was smiling.  I asked the manager who said, it does make a difference to potential buyers that you are smiling at them, so why not?

5) Know and Learn:  Yes, I know things about Transylvania.  I still can learn a lot more things.  So here's to my new reader!  They are already asking for more from my writing. Because of my readers, In Search of The Lost Ones will be a success.