Questions Will Be Answered This Month

Last month, we got a number of questions asked on Things About Transylvania through Facebook and Twitter and email.  Thank you for the huge response, and now we will be answering them, we've have more than 80 questions and comments, but we've tried to break down a few that were similar in nature.

As a result here are some of the questions we're going to answer this month.

1) When it comes to the go to author on Transylvania who do you try to refer to?

2) What is the number of castles in Transylvania, and which three would you like to go and visit?

3) How many cultures/ people live in Transylvania, Romania?

4) Who is the most famous royal person who lived in Transylvania- not counting Dracula?

5) Are there any remaining links to some of the historical people who lived in Transylvania?

6) How much do you have to pay to see some major historical sites in the area?  What is the most important thing to see?

7) Why did the Romans want Transylvania?

8) Who were the people whom the Romans conquered during the time Transylvania was a part of the Roman Empire?

9) Why is Transylvania important to Romania?  Is it important to other countries as well?

10) When the Romanian revolution happened which cities in Transylvania were against the communist government?

11) Were the Russians a constant worry in Transylvania or were there others?

12) Best author on Transylvania?