Politics and Romania

The Romanian elections are coming up, and on Csikszereka musings, there is a blog post which is something most people should take a moment to read if they aren't well versed in the politics of Romania.  This is a good read, and is one which is very much the author's point of view, but well written none the less.

The poster's commentary is about Victor Ponta, one of the men who seeks the Presidency of Romania, and what this might mean for Romania.  It's personal and holds a very pointed view of what might happen to Romania should Ponta win.

The mayor of Sibiu, Klaus Iohannis is his main rival for the post, and there is concerns about corruption in Romania already- politics and Romania, it seems, are larger topics people need to follow.  Romania, according to this article is one of the poorer European Union members, and this could have an effect on this economy.  It is not nation which its debts are high but one which has only a few strong economic pillars.

November, 16 2014, when the election runoff happens will be important for many people, should Iohannis win, this would be important victory for Transylvania as a whole, as he was born in Sibiu, and understands Transylvania and its history better than most people.

This might mean a stronger political focus on Transylvania within Romanian politics, although for many years, it is Transylvania and the surrounding areas which have always been something of a 'bell weather' area for knowing if the people are happy with the politicians or not.

Update/ Note: Victor Ponta did not win the Romanian Presidential Elections, and it was Klaus Iohannis, who became the new president of Romania, taking office on December 21, 2014.  Iohannis is a German Saxon from Sibiu, who sees himself as Romania with German origins.


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Interesting. Now elections done are you writing more?