The Beauty of Transylvania

I love everything about Transylvania. It's an amazing place to live and more importantly to visit and learn its history.  Some however, need to see it to believe the beauty of Transylvania, and I have been fortunate to find a lovely Facebook page on Alba Iulia.

Some of the photos are amazing and truly show how lovely Romania is.  Of course, one must not forget other beautiful places and landmarks which are found all over this land.

The Black Church in Brasov

The key to loving this place is its history and its cultures which have been around for centuries, and some of the most amazing videos one can find are also found on Romania Original, another Facebook page I recommend to people.   They showcase the beauty that is Transylvania, Romania.  

It is a wonderful land, and has much to offer people who want to explore it.  Since this blog has become more active on the social media, particularly on Facebook, we've been treated to some wonderful photos, which add substance to the history of the people and their land.

 Bran castle will always be a favourite, but the city of Sibui- the home of the new president of Romania will always have its links to its German roots.