Writing About What You Love

There are many sites out there where you can publish your writing for free, and if you are lucky make some money doing it, but it's a challenge to write and earn on those sites- especially if it's a niche market like Transylvania. The key to understanding why so many people make the comparison between writing a blog or building a website is that they are considered the "big two." After a while, it becomes important to just write, and to love what you do. 

 On a personal note: I do not suggest that you initially spend your time trying to find ways to earn passive income, but spend time determining what works for you as a writer in a niche market. I have found that content is important, but I have also found the message equally so- the message is: Transylvania is important to people both outside and inside of Romania.  People are market-savvy and they know what works for them, especially if they live in the area you are writing about.

You can make money with Google AdSense, and Amazon Affiliate Program, and eBay, but the point is that if you do not have good content, then you are losing out. 

Long term something will give. Long term you will find that no matter what you do to try to get paid, if your foundation is poor your business will fail. You have to have passion for your subject and for the people you write to.  Even if this means no money in the future, you are writing about what you love.

After all, if your readers don't find your writing of value (and that is subjective ) they will not be back to read more of your published work.
Everyone wants to make money writing online, and this is true even in niche markets, but the point is that you have to build a business by not only writing on free websites, but by using your own website on the Internet-- if you don't think that way then you won't be around long. Search engines change their views, and websites change strategy, and the truth is that you will have to continue to do what you do best, and that is to build a strong foundation for your business. When it comes to Transylvania, and the market there, focusing on Dracula is a start, but focusing on the land is even better for your audience.  They know about the person, but they might not know about the places he is known for.

To make a profit, what you will need to aim for is your own website. In other words you will have to focus on the best you can offer. Sometimes it is not that simple. Businesses change, and you have to be prepared for this.

Which is why my advice remains the same: Quality content counts more than anything else. At some point someone will say your work does not seem right. With the right content, targeted to the right people, the result is that more people will find your work of value, which then leads you to make money with your writing. This is not to suggest that you renege from keyword research, or simply work hard to get your name known in a niche market, but it means working on the foundation you have right now.