Amazon, e-books and Romania

When you start writing a book, the plan is to have something you will eventually have written, edited, and published-- then you will need to create an ebook. This can greatly expand on what people find in terms of your writing.  I write about Transylvania, Romania, and it's important to use social networking sites to get my book out to the right people.

I can write and publish books about the German Saxons of Transylvania, as long I have a good understanding of who will buy my book.  Part of my own personal problem with selling a book on Transylvania is that I didn't understand the market as well as I thought I did.  It is about Transylvania, but also the dynamic between the rest of Romania and this area.  Only after learning this was I able to begin to explain my book better and earn money.

I also had to learn, or re-learn history I took for granted.  While much of the Saxon community I had talked with had a good idea of what life was like in Transylvania, a problem arose. Some points of view were different from others. It wasn't a question of lies, but simply an omission of facts due to ignorance. This can lead to disaster - in my case it didn't. You must be aware of the challenges that you face when you publish books on Kindle, to a market as vast as the one on Transylvania - it's all about logic.

With the advent of ebooks some of these plans have been simplified, but in some ways are more complex. There is another format you will have to consider - and larger unknown markets.   Any person, anywhere can go to Amazon and buy an ebook - many of my buyers are from Romania.  You can't maintain the strong connection you would have otherwise.  You also need to have the answers readily available.  Most people who know about Romania will search for books on the subject this way.

Writers face pressures from many places while filling a need to build a network and gain credibility for their writing.
In short, publishing a book is not as easy as it can first appear, especially if your plans are vague, or this is your first book, and you don't know the niche market as well as you think.

There are simple steps you can follow to create both a book that sells and an ebook which maintains regular sales. These can also be generalized to online writing sites in many cases, since most readers of online articles can make a choice to read your ebook after they have read your writing.  The more you reach out to your readers, the more likely you will see sales - and people will know there is another book coming out.


Anonymous said…
Short and to the point. Does help books written by people who understand Romania? Will you and your other blogger publish more about Romania?
I would have to say it helps knowing about Amazon, and about Romania. we are planning to publish a book on Transylvania soon too.