Google, Transylvania and Sherlock

We've discussed the fact that writing online has a lot to offer readers, we can write about almost anything and people who are interested in this will come and read it. In a niche market like Transylvania, it is best to know who is interested in your writing and where they are from.

We haven't discussed the fact that if you publish something you need to care for it or it will eventually die- the same holds true for a blog and the same holds true for people and places.

Much like a book, people need to know where to find you, and when it comes to Transylvania, they need to see you somewhere.  A writer must think of one place: Google.

Why Google? The search engine offers much help to writers who have a brand or a niche market they want to work with, and build themselves up as a brand. You need to number crunch to observe what works for you and what doesn't.  People who know about Transylvania are logical like Sherlock Holmes.  They know, and they observe if they believe you might not.

A good place to look is if people aren't buying your items, is it because they don't stay long enough to make it worth it, or is it because they already have it or you aren't targeting the right market?

Are you making people feel they know facts about Transylvania, Romania or just logical figures that Google can find for them?

Or, if this isn't the case, is it because you aren't seen as someone who is passionate about Transylvania?  It's all about how you write something.  People are often less logical than a search engine.

In a way, part of what makes this is business is sitting down and thinking about what makes this work. I might not like to write long sentences, but if that is what keeps readers then I do this. I have found that "white space" is only somewhat important if the person reads my writing- they want to know about what I think about a map of Transylvania or how publishing on Transylvania is a challenge or not.

In general worrying about simple things seems to be a waste of time, but 99% of the time it is not. I have also grown as a writer, and this means that I have to go back and find a way to become, like Sherlock.  I have to find more logic in Transylvania and more culture and people. Everyone changes- even Google, but Transylvania?  Yes, it has as well.

Any one can see that, even history can't lie: Transylvania was a part of Hungary and then Romania and for a time part of both, but sometimes people forget this fact and think emotionally about things- they forget a writer needs to be Sherlock. Transylvania is a popular tourist destination in Romania, because of Dracula, and because of its natural beauty.  Logically you have to observe this as being the main reason why Google finds Transylvania important to people.


Anonymous said…
Interesting concept- is becajuse you have one book published make it harder?

Logic say publish more book on Central and Eastern Europe soon.
Farrah said…
Great start. Will you do a series on Sherlock and writing about Transylvania?
Farrah- writing about Transylvania is my goal, and I plan to continue on that topic. I've not thought of much towards Sherlock.