Self-Publishing and Knowledge

Most people want what is best for them when it comes to self-publishing a book in a niche market. They will use multiple methodologies to find out what traffic they might need for which social networking site, in order to gain some authority over the people they think they want as their market.

In this case, it's the people, your potential readers, who know about Transylvania, and Romania.  The problem is no matter how much you know about self-publishing and the market, you don't actually know much.  This won't change, because there will always be more to learn about Romania and its history and peoples.  This is true as well when working online.

It boils down to three things: One, the time you spend working with Keyword research, if you have a blog or a website. Two, building a relationship with people who are both online and offline so you can produce a better book.  Three, is reading and recommending, and learning about your market.  It's not helpful to write about Romania when you don't realize there is another book you can recommend to people about a local area.  Your readers might know about another author you can learn about and build your knowledge from.  It's time consuming.

This can be too much for one person, and self-publishing and editing still mean you have to work hard as a team.  You need a great editor, and you need very good communication skills to work with others.  You also need someone who is willing to keep an eye out on the many social networking sites- and did I mention you will have to self-publish something good this year?

We all want what is best, but we do not often like to do what is needed.

Some will suggest that it is all Google’s fault- anyone, anywhere can find information about your niche market. As a writer who writes about Romania, I'm aware there are many self-published books are out there which deal with a small population- my own book
deals with the men from Northern Transylvania, and their stories.

This was a time when the Northern part of Transylvania was a part of Hungary- Southern Transylvania was a part of Romania and many other things happened there that didn't occur in the North.  This is basic history, but it's important for a reader who doesn't know about Transylvania or World War II.

The point is that search engines change all the time, and you will need to keep on working with the foundation that got you to this point in the first place. Writers need to adapt and learn and grow, and take every learning opportunity that presents itself.  The more people interact with you, the more your knowledge grows.

This is not as simple as it seems: To know about your niche market you will need to focus on your writing.  You will need to learn first about what works for your readers and how you can connect with them.  It's all about details, and it's about knowing the two important things when it comes to niche markets and publishing.

What are the two most important things about self-publishing in a niche market?

You, and your willingness to work a bit harder for a while to see more results at the end. It's about connections.  How willing are you as a writer to learn more about your subject and the readers you have in this area.

It's working a bit harder to learn about the challenges of self-publishing and maintaining relationships with your readers.  Everything has a price, but once you have knowledge about people and your writing, it is worth everything.


Amy said…
connections and knowing your market.
Lois said…
Self-publishing a book on Transylvania is hard at the best of times. I'd like to see some longer posts on this topic.