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Changes and blogs
Bloggers who write in a niche market such as Transylvania, Romania, want to have a blog which will stand the test of time, and be valuable long term. You want to get traffic from Google, or be seen by Google, but often that is a small problem in comparison to this. Blogs need to change and grow and build their audience, which is part of the reason why this blog is now about Transylvania, and Romania.

The truth is that this is still a niche market, and as much as people know about Transylvania, and its history, they know only parts.
There is also the challenge of continuing to blog, when the topic is hard to get information from, and you will need to do more research.  A blog post shouldn't be this challenging but it is.
You might start to write and then you get distracted, you have three or four book you might want to quote from, or have your blog topic in mind, but your can't find the right things to say.  In a sense, writing about Transylvania is easier than blogging about it.
A few things have helped me with how I can connect with the writing in me when I'm blogging about Transylvania, and how I can improve on the nature and the feel of a blog.
Set a Time: 
It's not about the time of day it's posted, but rather the fact you develop a rhythm and a passion for writing.  I could write about Dracula, but I'm not as passionate about this.  I can write about the churches of Transylvania, but some times, I'm not excited about these, or there isn't as much information to go on.
The important goal is to set a time where you simply blog.  It can be about the history of Transylvania, such as the fact it has only been a part of Romania since 1919.  Or, the fact that Hungary has had a profound influence on the politics of the region, and there is a large population who are culturally Hungarian.  It can be about the natural resources of Transylvania, where the Romans, when they were in Transylvania built the city of Alba Iulia because of the gold in the area.

Writing a blog takes passion:
I'm not a pop culture type of a writer, but I am passionate about some movies and Hotel Transylvania is one of them.  It's become a biota a passion for me, and I've begun to wonder if I am more interested in the history of Transylvania, or some of the fun cultural aspects of the area.

It takes passion to be blogging about Transylvania, since there is always a lot of new topics to explore.  For many, blogging is a means to expand their knowledge of the land and its people.  Part of a blog is to grow and to provide more information.

Blogging about Romania means there is an opportunity to expand and build and become more relevant, people know about Dracula, and they know about pop culture, and they are willing to learn about the history of the land if your passion can take a hold of them.

A blog, and a blog in a niche market requires commitment:

be better
Yesterday, now be better.
It's not as fun as blogging about blogs or making money, but it allows a writer to show more commitment, finding small facts and expanding on them, and creating a blog which is better for people to come and read.

It's about how a blog can grow when there is only so much information, but the simple addition of 'Romania' has expanded this- especially on this particular blog.  There are a lot more changes to come but it requires a lot of commitment to do this on the part of the writer.


Jeremy Crow said…
Your passion about Transylvania is after all what got me to read the rest of your blogs, so you are spot on with your observation about commitment and standing the test of time.
I love Transylvania, and it was my readers who asked if I could expand it to Romania as well. I'm very excited about this.