Should Dracula Be Sexy?

As more and more books and movies are being made about vampires the one thing that has always made me wonder about the evolution of the monster.  

Why are vampires all of a sudden sexy? 

First and foremost, vampires are monsters. 
They are undead, feed off the living and commit murder. 

All points to call them monsters.  

Monsters we know to be are normally hideously ugly and live up to the title of monster. 

But Hollywood, and modern fiction, have taken this monster stigma away and given them flowing locks and toned bodies. 

If I was a vampire I would rather blend in with a crowd. Not be the hot one in tight leather being noticed by everyone. 

By making vampires eye appealing are we taking away some of their animal instinct? 

If women or men are drawn to a vampire because of their visual appearance this takes away the hunt. It is always referenced that "vampires hunt at night'. If the people are just throwing themselves at vampires the thrill of the chase is gone. We have just taken away one of the defining elements of being a vampire. 

In Interview With A Vampire the film with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, vampires had humans that ran about the day doing their daylight tasks and would be their source of food when they awoke.  
Or the television show True Blood. Sookie Stackhouse was more than willing to let Vampire Bill feed on her. Yes they were in a relationship, but the fact that is that a young woman was in a relationship with a vampire that has done some horrible things in his lifetime. Then lets him feed on her is beyond normal monster/human roles.   

No hunting. 

What about the ability to Mesmer? The ability to command others with their gaze. If the vampire is good looking is this talent not overkill? Having a talent to woo another with a look in your already dreamy eyes, that rest above your perfect nose, your soft lips and your dimpled chin seems irreverent. 

For an example just look at the way Bella Swan looks at Edward in the Twilight movies (spawned from the bestselling teen series by Stephenie Meyer). If Robert Pattison was really a vampire, people would line up at his door. 
No need for Mesmer. 

What does a vampire have left? 

The vampire doesn't need to hunt, food just walks up to you like delivery. And one of your cool super powers is really redundant. A vampire is no longer the top monster. Something not to be truly feared.  

They have gotten lazy as society has warped their story, warped their reason of being. 

What can we can we do to save the true essence of a vampire? 

Do we have to look back at some classics like Nosferatu from 1922? The last movie that depicted Dracula as the horrible beast he is, was Dracula in 1992. That's over 20 years of making the vampire into the hot package that he or she is today. 

I would like to see a proper monster movie that Dracula or vampires in general are their ghastly selves. Not of fangs that pop out like in True Blood or the wrinkled, predominant brow in the Buffy The Vampire/Angel television series.  

I would like to escape from the Team Edward/Team Jacob craze from Twilight. 

When I see a monster movie I would like to be truly fearful of the main character, not want to be his girlfriend. 

I tried to search vampire movies that are coming out this year. Atlanta Vampire Movie staring Chelsea Howard lands on Halloween of 2015. It's dubbed a comedy/horror. Meaning this is not the vampire movie that I am looking for. 

All in all, Hollywood you have disappointed a huge horror fan.  

I would like to see a film maker do the monster movie genre proud. Making a true vampire movie would draw huge crowd and be an instant hit, and let people remember there is a place, Transylvania, Romania. 

But who in Hollywood would be brave enough to take on a legend? To create a true vampire movie and not a reboot.  

All I have to say is when this hypothetical movie does get made I will be the first in line to buy a ticket. 

Until then, I guess the undead eye candy will have to do.


Jeremy Crow said…
Why do some people find inmates sexy? There are too many people in the world to explain all tastes lol