Romanian Fashion: Carla Szabo and Claudia Castrase

Carla Szabo and Claudia Castrase are two names from the fashion world of Romania.

Elizabeth of Romania
Queen Elizabeth of Romania
Part of what makes this so great is they are native to Romania, and they are inspiring designers of jewelry and fashion.  They both have a lot to offer, and are working together to give people choice with some very contemporary Romanian fashion.

Castrase is famous in Romania for her wonderful designs which I love. They are simple and look good on most figures.  She is certainly not what some people think of as "Traditional Fashion."  A quick search of Google made me think Romanian fashion hasn't been developed in a while.  I was wrong.

The picture to your left is Queen Elizabeth of Romania in traditional Romanian costume, the first Queen of Romania was far more beloved than her husband, and was a supporter in her own right of the arts.  Her successor, Queen Marie would take much the same pictures, and would become a famous writer in her own right.

For many, outside of Romania, this is the lasting image of Romania and how people will dress.  This is a good tourist idea, but doesn't show the real Romania and its arts and fashion to the world.

This isn't the case.

As with many misconceptions of people and places, there is a view of the land which time forget.  People also think Gothic Dracula, but Castrase has proven them wrong.  She has a range of styles from a more spring time look to a near classic dark pieces which show Romania will become a fashion hub in due time.

Her collections can be found on most social networking sites.  Although she doesn't have a wikipedia page, this too will come.  She is a trend setter in the area, and many of her designs can be found in Europe.

The same hold true with the jeweller Carla Szabo, who has her shop in Bucharest, Romania.  Her Facebook page, (just type in her name and you'll find it) proves that there is a movement towards modern, powerful and fun style of jewelry.

Many of these help the view of the changing ways of Romania and its culture and people.  These two ladies are slowly giving Romania, and Romanian fashion a chance to make their mark in the fashion industry.  They will, in my guess, change the view of fashion to people outside of this area.

I am not a fashion buff, I prefer history over fashion magazines, but these two ladies have just proven to me that beauty is now, and it is something I am paying attention to.