Romanian Royalty On YouTube

Because so many people requested another video about Transylvania, or on Romania here it is on Romanian Royalty.

I did a brief outline on the family, which is not very long, considering there are only three King of Romania. However, there is more to the story and there will be more to this series, thank you for all the support Things about Transylvania, Romania followers.

Don't worry, there will be more videos and blog posts to come, and these will be a part of the blog, and on YouTube, you can find more on Living a Life channel, but for this blog post video, you can find it on YouTube, right here.

Things about Transylvania will always be a website at heart and this won't change, but it was because of readers and their love for visual which made us branch out.

Romanian royalty is such an interesting subject and one which will hold a special part of my interest since it was Queen Marie of Romania which made me more interested in Transylvania, and brought about this blog.