Time to Rethink Transylvania, Romania

King of Romania
King Michael of Romania
Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the wonderful Transylvania, Romania blog.  I enjoy writing about Romania and in specific, Transylvania.  I love the people and the cultures that this land has to offer, and I am finding more reasons to simply take it all in and write about it.

The biggest challenge right now is simply going back and enjoying every aspect of learning about, in terms of royalty and history.  Not only that buy rethinking it in terms of what I read.

It all makes a difference, writing a blog about Transylvania, Romania.  For example, it's King Michael of Romania who interests me, at nearly 94 years of age, he like Queen Elizabeth has hit many milestones, one of which is that he is the last surviving monarch alive who reigned in the interwar period, and Romania has the distinction of having a child monarch who was deposed by his father, only to regain the throne.  He is also one of three heads of state from World War II who are still alive.  He is in the top twenty list for monarchs in the list of youngest state leaders since 1900. He was 18, but it notes, that he was King under a regency from 1927 to 1930.  That's a fact for people who look to ages for records.

It's time to rethink a number of things.

It's time to rethink about people such as Vlad Tepes whose influence was that of a warlord and now, due to a writer, Hollywood and all the movies influences the country as never before.

It's time to rethink this blog, there is a lot to share, but there is a lot which can and should challenge the readers here.  It is a blog which is growing older, but needs a bit of a change.  It's time to go back and rethink what it means to people who read it, who are from Romania, from North America and beyond.

map of Transylvania
Transylvania and Romania

It means something new, and it means on the one hand stepping back but on the other, finding a passion about each part of Romania that makes a person love the land, the people, the culture and the history.  Places and people make history, but so does a strong sense of passion.

The most important part is to rethink what sorts of views you have about the land, and then spend time re-learning from the mistakes.  Not because you need to, but because you want to.  Romania is a great land and this blog will keep going and will be passionate about the more interesting parts of Romania and Transylvania. Dracula included.