Credit to the Heart of the Matter

Some years are better than others when it comes to being passionate about what you love to do- even if there is a lot of "bad faith" about what you are doing.  It's great to be passionate about a subject matter, for example Transylvania, but it's also just as hard when the heart of the matter is the people whom you expect should be supportive of you are passive-agressive naysayers.

So, the passion you have isn't enough.

Wait... let's take a step back here and think logically- if this is a passion, a bit of enjoyment and a hobby do you have to prove that it's a money making business to anyone? No, you don't.

Now, if this is supposed to be a money making business, to whom do you have to prove this fact to?  Well: yourself, and your budget.  Maybe your banker but certainly not anyone else. (I can hear the "buts" already, but if your parents/grandparents/family/best buddies/whomever isn't paying the money you don't need to answer to them.)

Let's credit this to the heart of the matter.  Let's talk Transylvania, let's talk about Dracula.  Feeling like you can sit down and learn about these things?  Romanian Royalty? Hungarian nobility? Let's get back there, let's talk politics, let's talk anything about Transylvania that we should talk about.

Let's credit our passions for a place, and people to whom both readers and bloggers want to write, and  what we have to offer.  This blog is a fun place to write, and learning about Romania, and its people and history are all a part of the passion we can all have when talking about peoples and places.  It's the art of sharing the newest political information and hoping that people learn from this.

The heart of the matter?

It's all about sharing the knowledge and learning about growth as a blogger and as a person who shares information.  It's about the vocal groaning when one comes across an older, not so well written post.  It's also about this blogger wanting to give credit to people who stood by this blog for years, and still do.  It's about learning about taking some credit for both success and failure.

Finding a means to take a bit of credit?

That is looking at a bit of success, last year, 2016, was a hard year, and Things about Transylvania wasn't really written on- let's be honest, six blog posts in one year is not writing on something. Not that there wasn't passion for the blog, but rather there wasn't a drive, a feeling of success, and a feeling of knowing exactly what works, and what doesn't.  It was a year of contemplation and thought.

The blog- this blog Things About Transylvania, Romania- didn't suffer, but that was because (and a credit to) of the readers here and not because of the writers.  The fact that Transylvania is still vital and important to them means that something was good.  Let's talk a moment about the success.  It meant that at least one writer returned, and one person still found a reason to be passionate about Transylvania once more.

It means that there are more blog posts than this time last year- if only because it's the start of the year, but it's a small step.  It means that Transylvania is back to where it belongs in terms of feeling that it has a place and time for this writer to enjoy it again.

It's about doing what is once again a passion, and knowing that really it's all going to be just fine.