On Blogs, Moving and Maps. (Or the Things I've Learned this Summer)

 It's something that anyone can tell you if you are going to travel, or blog. it's simple, and usually easy to follow. Have a map, a plan, an idea, and just a bit of courage. Or, in the case of this blog, and writing about Transylvania, the past tense might be more to the benefit of how the last few months have transpired.

Moving, of any sort, is not fun, and, while moving means new adventures, and this also means that as a writer of a blog a bit of organization is a high needs piece of life, and one which I am still a WIP.  Of course, good intentions and all of that wonderful idea of writing and moving, it simply didn't work as much as I had hoped.

It's also a challenge when a blog is starting to be a part of my life again, after years of feeling as if what I was writing wasn't as needed for readers as before.  The problem wasn't readers, but rather the writer.  Learning that there is always something to say is only piece of the journey. The next part is finding that the passion is still a part of the life of a blogger.

It's not about writing a blog post every day, but rather going forward in a new adventure mode.  Even looking at things in a different way.  In this case, the old assumption of maps being a story was nearly blown to bits owing to my adventures of traveling.  There are maps, and then there is the reality of what a map can actually tell you.  This case is best illustrated with a land map, upon traveling through lakes and the lake areas we found that the map we had made it look a lot different then the actual land.

One of them showed us that the road went "around the lake." This is not entirely the case, what was done was that gravel and dirt was brought in the middle of the lake, and dammed it up- much like beavers tend to do.  After many years, the one side of the lake was marsh and reeds, and the other was, high lake- almost level with the road.  Needless to say, it made for an interesting conversation when the map really didn't show the marsh, but a lake with a road beside it.

Some of the older maps of Transylvania were probably designed more with artistry in mind, as opposed to having the exact location and geography which our modern society wants in maps.  Blogs are similar, and moving and growing, and possibly changing it around to make it stronger is all a part of life and work within the internet.

The best thing learned? Just keep writing and growing.