YouTube, Transylvania and Branching Out

Somethings never change and somethings do. A while back I began a YouTube channel and I will be adding a lot of content, I'd love for my fellow Things about Transylvania, Romania readers to get a chance to view stuff like this on YouTube. I'm excited as well about branching out to adding more YouTube videos about Romania and in particular: Transylvania.

Part of the joys of writing on a blog is being able to branch out and it's a lot more fun when people come and enjoy and subscribe to see where this will grow. It's amazing what readers can do, and it is thanks to your kind suggestions I branched out in the first place. YouTube and all its challenges are something that I can learn and grow from.

Above is a frist video, and I hope you'll enjoy watching it. It's about my first blog, Living a Life of Writing, but no fears I will be vlogging about Transylvania and how this blog came to be. I've said it before that there is a wonderful joy in learning and pushing your boundaries and making mistakes.

That's the great thing about branching out, you get make mistakes and learn and become a bit better. Transylvania and this blog need to branch out, not only on topic but also with what we can share as writers of a very impressive place.

It's a land where the life is full of history and people and of places and wars.  It has castles, and influence on many countries: Italy, Hungary, Romania, Austria are a few where the lives of people came together and would effect how people viewed the world.

It was a gateways to the heart of Eastern Europe and in time was nearly forgotten as it is a part of Romania.  It has played host to countless legends and people.  It is where the story, for me, really begins.

Enjoy and subscribe.