YouTube, Passion, Transylvania and More

I started a journey years ago. I am proud of the book I published, and I am blessed to continue the journey. The book reviews done, the videos made, the many things I have learned about Transylvania, Romania, Austria and Hungary keep growing.

It's a journey and the more I learn the more joy I have to give to this blog and to the people who read this blog.  Not only that, but the more I have seen over the past few weeks show what sort of passion there is about the place.  Thinking of Notre Dame brings the idea that each place has people who see it as important to the heart.


 This is true with blogging and wiring and each person can make a difference to a blog.  Transylvania, the very tapestry of the people who live there has changed over the years.  Just like Dracula painted a picture of the land, so to can each person.

Transylvania is growing, and the more people who know about this land, become passionate about it, and share it will make a difference.  Romania is as vital to Europe as every other nation, and this will help the people of Transylvania as well.