Roy Marko's Garage: Introducing the 1956 Pontiac Gasser

One year ago, this 1956 Pontiac Gasser looked like this, now... it's changed. Roy Marko is working on getting the floor inland will be showing a few more pieces he has for this Gasser.

Go on and give Roy support on the YouTube channel, and maybe we can do a car drive to Transylvania, and check out some cars found there in Romania.

Want a picture of a Pontiac?  I found a couple, and here they are.  Some of the best cars came from the 1950s, and if you can't buy one, at least a picture for the memories will do. 

If you want a book on the Pontiac, you can also get it here, I found the Standard Catalog of Pontiac to be a real value to me, while I was searching for information.