Roy Marko's Garage: A Visit to a Golf Car Museum at Legends Golf Course

New video on youtube, check it out on Roy Marko's Garage. You'll also learn why he calls it a golf car... so watch and take a look....


Roy Marko's Garage is off to a Golf Car museum with the Weird Little Car club of Edmonton, Alberta, and he took his Nash Metropolitan to go and see what it was all about. Along for the ride is his friend Fred, who helped with the filming. Inside the museum he gets a couple of fun surprises. He also interviews Ron Lyons, part owner of Legends Golf Course, and founder of the classic golf cart museum and local author of a golf cart classic book. Note: Mr. Lyons explains why it's a golf car, and not golf cart! As always like, comment and subscribe and hit that notification bell! I really appreciate all of it. This is a journey I couldn't do without you. Disclaimer: The links below may contain affiliate links which I might earn a commission on. Thank you so much for your continued support in my quest to redo and restore classic cars. Ron Lyons Golf Car Classic Book: YouTube Camera I used: I use this tripod: To learn more on the golf course and the book: and