Transylvania, Hungary and Independence

Lately posts have been talking about Transylvania and independence. I have noticed that many readers feel strongly about Transylvania being a part of Romania. Transylvania has not always been a part of Romania though. It once belonged to Hungary. During the Early Medieval Era, the Roman Empire had already pulled out, leaving Transylvania open for the taking. The Magyar tribes stepped in, seeing land and territory for the taking. The Hungarians ended up taking control of Transylvania in the early part of the 11th century.

The Magyars tribes had gained control of Transylvania in the 5th century and were able to keep it until the Hungarians came into the picture. It was in 1003 that King Stephen I started to bring Transylvania under the control of Hungary. Stephen I had the support of both the Pope and King Henry II, the Holy Roman Emperor, who was Stephen’s brother-in-law. It was in 1018 that Stephen I gained control of southern Transylvania when he defeated the legendary ruler Kean.

It was in the 12th and 13th centuries Transylvania may have been under the control of Hungary, it was still subject to invasions. In the early 13th century King Andrew II of Hungary had to bring in the Teutonic Knights to help in the protection of Transylvania. It was at this point in time that the Cumans were trying to invade Transylvania. After them came the Mongol invasions.

Transylvania came under the rule of the Bathory family for a period of time during the late 16th century. This family is known as an infamous Hungarian noble family. They are infamous due to the one member of their family, Elizabeth Bathory, became known as the Blood countess. They ruled over Transylvania until the early 17th century.

It was in the mid-19th century the Magyars officially proclaimed Transylvania as part of Hungary, even though they had been a part of Hungary for a period of time. The Romanians in Transylvania weren’t too happy about this. They tried to rebel, and for a time, the Austrian military government had control of Transylvania. It was during the late 19th century that Hungary regained control of Transylvania.

It was in 1920 that Hungary officially ceded by Hungary in the Treaty of Trianon following World War I. However, Transylvania had officially announced their union with Romania two years prior to this at a convention in Alba Iulia, where the Romanians and Saxon population voted to join Romania. Hungary did regain part of Transylvania (Northern Transylvania) during World War II. at the end of the war, they did return Transylvania to Romania.

            Transylvania has had an interesting history. It has been a territory that has been fought over for centuries. Everyone seems to want to have Transylvania as a part of their country. Then again, in the Medieval Era, countries were always trying to add to their territory. It does help that Transylvania has a lot of natural resources to help make it more appealing. Transylvania has always been a popular area, even before it was known for vampires and supernatural beings.


Anonymous said…
I ask you again, where did you get your information? Are you pro-romanian?
Johann said…
great beginning- continue to write.
Andreas said…
Love the idea of an Independent Transylvania.