October 29, 2011

Would You Go on a Tour of Tranyslvania?

I think most of us can agree that going on a tour of a new place is exciting.  Where would you go and what would you do?  Where in Transylvania would you find the most interesting places?

Of course I would love to see Alba Iulia but also other cities, one of them being Brasov.  I think that these two would top my list and I am certain that most people would want to go and see these cities.  This is not to say that I would not visit other cities.  This is where I would go first in Transylvania.

Where else would I go?  I would like to see older castles and I would also visit the Banat region, but that would make for a very big tour of Transylvania.

October 27, 2011

Where in Transylvania Would You Visit?

If you are thinking of visiting Transylvania in the next little while, where would you visit?  There are hundreds of cities and small towns and villages that anyone can go and see.  Of course, if you are there at the end of October, you will probably want to go and visit Bran Castle.

After all we would all love to see a bit more of Dracula while we are there.

As you can see on the map you can always go close to Brasov and enjoy spending sometime there.  This is a land where there are a lot of places you would visit.
If you are feeling more adventuresome, there are other very interesting cities such as Alba Iulia.  So where would you go in Transylvania?

October 24, 2011

My Books is Coming-- See The Cover Here

This book will be out on amazon soon, and I wanted to give you a preview of the cover. It is very exciting to be able to be a published author-- or soon to be published that is!

Tell me your views, and no this is not about Dracula, but rather as you can see from the subtitle, it is about Transylvania's Saxons in World War Two. It has been three years in the making, and it's a bit older then this blog.

I am working on the next book on Transylvania. I am having so much fun, although one day I might write a bit on Dracula or the castles which are around this beautiful land. 

October 21, 2011

The Many Face of Dracula

Which one image makes you relate to Dracula?

After all he is a huge market attraction for Transylvania and Romania.  The books by Bram Stoker allowed the idea of Dracula to "live" on in the Western world.  Yet, the man is something of a mystery.  In many ways he is not as important a figure as what some will make him out to be.  He is however the most famous due partly to Stoker's novel.

These are images of Vlad Tepes, and the one just above is possibly the more interesting of the two-- this image shows a bit of his name.  Vlad Tepes is someone who made Dracula possibly, but of course he was not the only person.
That is the power of writing and of history.

October 20, 2011

People and Transylvania and the Power of History

Below is a few photos of people who have influenced the history of Transylvania. Some did so indirectly and some would influence it more so by their understanding of the people of Transylvania. Alba Iluia is the center point for two of them. They influenced more than just Transylvania, but for the purpose of this blog, it was the people who left a mark in Transylvania.

This is the picture of the great entrance of Michael the brave into the city of Alba Iluia.

This above picture is of Queen Marie of Romania with some of her children. She would live in Bran Castle and would help gain Transylvania for Romania.

These two pictures are of Vlad Tepes and Michael the Brave. Both influenced Transylvania-- and the cities within it. Vlad Tepes, however was the only one who influenced Transylvania indirectly-- with the publishing of the novel by Bram Stoker called Dracula.

October 17, 2011

Brasov Romania: An Important City

This is a city view of Brasov.  In the back you can see the Black Church.  It is a huge church and it was originally a Catholic church, but was a Lutheran Church and it is now more of a museum with a Lutheran service still held there.
This is another view of the Black church from another side of the city. There is a lot of sites in this city and the Black Church is only one of the many churches there.  it was also known as the church of St. Mary, but  Another is St. Nicholas Church.
T the most famous of all Transylvanian castles is Bran Castle and its location is close to Brasov.  So if you are going to visit this city going to see this castle is a must.  It is now owned by the family of Pricess Ilena of Romania, and can be seen by tourists.

October 15, 2011

Things He Could Write About

What is most interesting about this man is what he could write. there is a lot he could talk about from his father to the Second World War... but in his 90 years, he experienced World War II. There he made a difference to Romania. His experiences would be of interest since he lived through and can recall three reigns: his own, his father's and his grandfather.
He would be something that could make people learn more about Eastern European history.  King Michael is a man, whatever his faults has seen a lot of history, and of Transylvania.  His grandmother Queen Marie owned Bran Castle.

October 13, 2011

Should All Castles In Transylvania be Restored?

This castle above is the castle of the infamous Elizabeth Bathory.  It is now located in a national park where there are several species of endangered plants.

The question that one can ask is this:  Should all castles in in Transylvania be restored?

In many cases yes they should, the castle of John Hyundai was restored and is a popular tourist attraction where people can view some antiques.  This a strong way to build the economy.  In fact Bran Castle is a popular destination.

This castle however was home to a serial killer-- although for the most part long forgotten.  Still this is located in an environmentally sensitive area.  So, in many ways it should not be restored.  It is still an incredible site to see.

As with everything else, Transylvania has a lot of places that people can go and see now things that they didn't expect.  One of them is similar to Alba Iulia, and has places for tourists to take photos.  In a way this does mean that some buildings will not be restored.

October 11, 2011

Map of Transylvania: After World War One

I found this to be a very useful map of Transylvania and the surrounding area which is after World War One. This is how the Kingdom of Romania looked after the Great War, and you can easily see where Transylvania is.
The important thing to note on this map is that the Banat is included as a different area than Transylvania. Although, for the most part many people do consider that the Banat and other regions are a "part" of Transylvania-- but not on this map!.

This hold most true when one compares it to a map of Transylvania years before the First World War, in this case this map is based on the year 1600, and this was when the three principalities were joined together by Michael the Brave.

October 8, 2011

Castles and Dracula

Now below are three photos of either Castles or Cities. If you can, you should be able to tell quickly and easily who has the most draw. If you guessed Bran Castle you would be correct.   Next would be Alba Iulia and its many historical figures.

This is Bran Castle made famous by Bram Stoker but not lived in by Dracula. Vlad Tepes probably stopped there on his way to Wallachia to claim his throne.

This photo above is a church or castle in Tmisoara. Now, Timisoara is not a part of Transylvania but rather the Banat region. So this would not be something one should relate to Dracula or to Vlad Tepes. In fact it is more linked to John Hunyadi-- would had built a castle there called Huniade Castle.
this is a picture of the city where Vald Tepes was born in Transylvania. Sighisoara is a part of Transylvania and is closely related to Vlad Tepes-- but not Dracula.  This all has to do with tourism, and Dracula has always been a great draw, but then so are the people of royal birth.

October 3, 2011

Queen of Hungary: Isabella Jaiellon, Burial in Transylvania

This is Isabella Jaiellon, and she was born in Poland and would become Queen of Hungary.  Her husband would die weeks after the birth of their son, and she would serve as regent.

When she died she was buried in Alba Iulia.  This might not seem like an important person, she is in fact someone who would do anything to protect her son.  As it was, John II Sigismund would abdicate power in Transylvania to the Hapsburgs in 1570 he would become prince of Transylvania.  His mother, Isabella died in 1559.

She was at the center of the battle between her husband and the Emperor Ferdinand of Austria, who wanted influence on the people and the Kingdom of Hungary.  During this time, she lived in Alba Iulia as well, and the consort of Ferdinand, Anna, was born in Buda ( later a part of Budapest.)  Isabella would outlive Anna by 12 years.