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Merry Christmas

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A Walk In The Past

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Anything Else?

Anything Else?



A Small Test

You Say What You Think

What about the Pied Piper

How About This?

What about Dracula?

What Does This Mean To You?

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Some Changes In Views

A History of Transylvania, Written By Saxons

A Caring People?

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Favorite Transylvanian?

The Rules Of Pain

A Question Of Matter

Differences Held

Don't Cry For Transylvania

How Many Different People

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Would You Believe?

Transylvanian Saxon Dress: Young Couple

The Long And Short Of Fear

Is There Anyone Who Cares?

Transylvania and Germany

Count Dracula, Werewolves And Other Questions

Dancing In The Moutains

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Lives Remembered

Little Lives Lost

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Many Friendly People

Transylvanian Ponderings

Myths And The HUman Side Of It All

Changes For The Best?

Waking Up History

Werewolves And Other Dark Creatures Such as Count Dracula

To Be There... With Music

The Pied Piper And Transylvania

A Honey Jar And A Myth

A Wife He Loved...

Native To Transylvania?

Myths, Dracula and Transylvania

Religion and Culture in Transylvania Romania

Cities in Transylvania, Romania

Changing Territories in Europe and Romania.

Myths and the Transylvanian Saxons

Is Count Dracula A Real Person?

Transylvania Is Not About Little Red Riding Hood

Don't Get lost in the Woods

Dracula and Other Facts About Transylvania