March 31, 2010

Transylvania must know my challenges

I don't have Internet so am at a friends, it will be 7 days until I do, I can only imagine what it is like in the harder to get to places in Transylvania.

The problem in I live in a city...

No Internet.

But to me this is a good challenge.

March 28, 2010

The Internet and Transylvania, Romania

I love writing about Transylvania, Romania but the funny thing is on the web you write in google "Transylvania" and you get something from wikipedia and a band by the name of Transylvania.  If I wanted to find out more about Transylvania, wikipedia is not where I would first look for information.

Because of this fact, I wonder about the quality of information I get on the Internet, but given that my blog is on the Internet and it is about Transylvania, the idea that I should offer others some choice where they might be able to find more facts and figures is also of importance.  Numbers are very important when it comes to Romania and Transylvania. People need to see a blog which is making a difference in the facts and figures.

The Internet is a place where you must go in with a mind that questions a lot of information.  Not all information is correct, but then not all books are correct. Some have a form of political or cultural slant that you might find more on the Internet than you would consider when it comes to writing and published books.

Then there is the art of asking about Transylvania, Romania and the Internet and having a questioning mind is vital to success to any writer.  Some things you will need to find out and figure out on your own.

The reason I mention wikipedia is that it is supposed to be (popular perception) a great place to find out information, however this does not mean it is in fact appropriate.  Photos of Transylvania can also be placed into question. 

A lot of people do not or have not seen the very land they are writing about and because you do not have the benefit of fact checkers on the history and people of Transylvania, and you are using the Internet this can mean you will find yourself getting into a lot of difficulties.

So what made me think about this? 

When I typed in Transylvania, I was looking for the Romanian government's website on Transylvania.

I got wikipedia and a band instead.

Not quite what I was going for, but there are a lot of excellent photos to look at.

March 24, 2010

This is Where Bran Castle is....

I had an email request asking where Bran Castle is and if it really is in Transylvania.

On the Above map you will find that it is near Brasov which is in Transylvania. So While some might argue it looks close to Wallachia, I'll say it is on the Border.

March 21, 2010

When Talking about Transylvania...

Tell them that Transylvania is the most beautiful place on earth.
Above are picture of Bran Castle, Bristritsa, Alba Iluia, and a church in Timisoara (in the Banat) and a river in Transylvania. I just love these photos.

March 19, 2010

Writing and Publishing on Transylvania and Niche Markets

There is a lot of writing and publishing going on these days, but as yet I have not found a good published book that will add to my collection on Transylvania.  I have a lot of suggestions as to what would make a good book, but as yet, many of them are out of print, due to their age or are simply not something that I would be able to read.

Still I think what I am writing about will help with some history on Transylvania, there is a lot of oral history that can be found, and it is suspect when it comes to bias, after all Hungary and Romania-- the people at least seem intent on arguing that point.  Writing and publishing a book will help put some of the theories to rest.  I suspect most will find it interesting, and some won't but to me some one has got to write something.

Publishing a book in a niche market is not as easy as it seems.  There are few people who, outside of writing about Transylvania will have a vested interest in reading more books.  However, there are books out there that come in useful with each topic, in this case learning about the people of Transylvania and where they came to power, or lost it.  The key is to write something that moves people to spend money on the writing.

March 15, 2010

Do You Have a Passion?

I was talking about Transylvania to a friend and they asked me this: Do you have a passion?

well yes I do and it is called Transylvania.
it is a part of Romania, and its history is long and proud. So what isn't there to be passionate about?

March 14, 2010

Writing about Dracula and Transylvania?

This time... not in this book as much as the original this takes place mostly in England.
So maybe the view of Dracula will change.

March 11, 2010

I Found This of Interest

I love reading the newspaper in the morning and I found this article on Transylvania to be of interest as it discusses the dynamics of Romanian Hungarian relationships.

It is an interesting read.

March 10, 2010

Funny Thigns Happen When Some One Says "Where Is Transylvania?"

There is this look, then a face... and then...

I try to colour code the area I am talking about... ( the darker colour is the Banat-- the lighter is Transylvania proper.)

March 8, 2010

Alba Iluia the Best?

Below are three pictures of Alba Iluia, and the surrounding area, one is taken from the coronation of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie of Romania, and the others are sites in and around the city.

Is Alba Iluia the best city or the most photographed?

I am still trying to decide.

March 5, 2010

My method of Writing about Transylvania

I of course have my share of critics, but still the best is the Saxon people who lived in Transylvania until about 1945, when the majority were either evacuated to Germany or sent to Russia.

Still they are a proud people and want the correct version of their history to be out there. Of course they are exacting, but who wouldn't be in their case?

My method of writing about Transylvania then is making sure that the people are primary and not the farming details or the politics, as sometimes it is best to avoid such things.

March 4, 2010

Which City Do you Love Most?

Mine is pretty simple this is Bistritz, Transylvania, Romania. I love this particular photo, which comes from a new blog I found surprising Romania, excellent picture of the old Saxon Church. this is taken before 2008 when the tower was destroyed by fire.

Far and away it is better than my black and white photo.

March 3, 2010

Why Fortify the Cities?

The images which stand out in my mind about Transylvania are the fortified cities in the area. For some reason I tend to think of them as tourist attractions now-- with good reason, as most of these ancient cities now are... so why did Transylvania have so many?

Maybe because if you wanted to get to Vienna, and the rest of Europe the fastest way there was through Transylvania. So there you have it.

Still the ruins of the ancient fortress near Alba Iluia is the one place I need to really explore.

March 1, 2010

One thing on Transylvania

I loved the Olympics, it was great to have them near where I live.

Still the best part was being able to talk at great length to a lady who came from Brasov about the land she loves.

She was pleased to see that someone knew where she was from and was happy to learn i was of Saxon origin... apparently the Black Church still has Lutheran Services. This she told me is done for tourists, but there are Romanian Orthodox services held there as well.
For teh record we were talking inside a Lutheran Church.