July 30, 2010

Transylvania and Dracula

No, not this Dracula, but the character, the "written" version that seems to captivate the Western World.
Twilight madness, again.
Let me be the first to admit I have not either read or seen the books or movies, but really what is the obsession about Dracula and vampires?
I understand it is an North American thing, but really, how about a movie on say the countess of the blood?

July 26, 2010

The Most Influence... Or the Most Debate

I had published a hub on hubpages about a few people one of them was Queen Marie of Romania and the other was about Vlad Tepes.

The last one was about Transylvania and Romania and Hungary.

Can you guess which one has sparked the most debate and which one have the most influence?

Now when I say influence, I mean by the fact that by title alone I am getting people to come and read the hubs.

I'll let you decide.

July 14, 2010

Looking at History and Now.

This world is filled with things that most people never thought of...

-- Traffic, SEO, Internet, IPhones and all that other stuff.

The one good thing about now is that history and facts are easier to find, and that it is at your fingertip in a moment. The drawback is that we tend to forget that people had and did things that we would never be able to do.
-- Play for hours on end ourdoors without worry, writing on slate, being kids...
So, what is better then or now? Or is it just different?

July 11, 2010

Stalin: Changed Man or Not?

Of all these pictures who do you most identify with Transylvania?

Does any of these men who had an effect on the area seem to have changed in terms of their reputation in the past?

Take for example Stalin, a man who fought against Hitler, and then was viewed as a more of a despot.  A dictator if you will.  The point is that history is not changed it is only our view.  The same can be said about the other important figure of Transylvania and world history.

Micheal the Brave, the man who united the Three Grand Principalities in 1599 until 1600 has some very contrasting views.  For the most part he is looked upon well.

Even Vlad Tepes, or Dracula has some very large contrasting views, some good and some not good.  In Transylvania it is a more positive view, whereas in other parts of the Western World it is not.

July 6, 2010

Satlin: An Effect on Transylvania?

I wonder, as I read more about this man, I wonder what sort of effect did he have on Transylvania?

After all it was a joint choice to return the borders of Transylvania to its post 1919 border, and pre 1940. It was not his alone. In a way it must have been a calculation on his part, as he must have known that Hungary and Romania would be come satellite states of Russia.
Maybe it was the resources, and he never foresaw one thing, too many resources in one country means More power to that country.