June 30, 2010

Three men and Transylvania

This is a photo of the three leaders at a conference after the end of the Second World War. The important thing to note is that there was no "big gun" for Romania, as in a Queen Maria where they would receive more land. However the part of Northern Transylvania was returned to Romania.

Can you name the three men in this picture?

June 26, 2010

Things about Transylvania : a Picture or three

No there is nothing in common with these there pictures expect that I will be talking about them and yes, they do relate to Transylvania and to its past.

June 22, 2010

Am I missing Something

Okay everyone I'll let you have your voice, tell me what you think of this paragraph:

Heidendorf, in January 1910 was frozen and snow packed. Johann made his entrance into the world with aid of a midwife in this weather. At the age of four weeks he was baptized in the Church. His childhood was a mixture of fun and chores and when he turned four; his father left home with other men of the village and was gone for a long time. His mother and other woman spent a lot of time worrying and praying for the families. There were many tears and some of the men never returned home. Others returned with injuries. When Johann asked what was wrong, he was told that people far away had become angry over the death of an important man, and that the men of the village had gone to make things right for their country. They supported Germany and Austria since they were Germans. As a four years old, there wasn’t much he could do, but it resonated and stayed with him.

June 21, 2010


Back with a brand new post tomorrow...

All on the myths of Transylvania... so sit back and bring a nice glass... of... I'll let you decide.

June 16, 2010

I could Believe Dracula Lived here.

I could almost believe that Dracula lived here, with this picture. I almost think Bram Stoker must have seen a drawing or photo of this castle.
This is Bran Castle, much darker than some of the other picture which I have seen and yet, because of this I can almost believe....
It is a great myth I must admit.
Since Stoker describes a city miles away from the castle.

June 12, 2010

Transylvanian Churches

Below are two churches in Transylvania that seem to be at one time very similar and yet, very different. One is found in a village-- still standing, and one is in a major city with history attached to it, due to the Reformation

Above is the Black Church.

Above is the Heidendorf Church.

Both at one point had Lutheran congregations, and now both are either historical sites or have been renovated, can you tell which one?

June 10, 2010

Does Transylvania have Meaning? Why Write about It?

I began to wonder why people read what they read and why something so small as this blog makes me love what I do so much more. It is funny, I believe that Transylvania as meaning and beyond simply Dracula or anything else, I think it deserves to be written about and enjoyed to the fullest.

This does mean I should answer this question: why write about something that most readers will not spend too much time trying to decide if they like or do not like something that is written where most of the readers are either quite knowledgeable about the area, or seem to love the legends of the area.

It is not an easy task which is why it probably makes it all the more interesting to write. In the course of the History of Transylvania, a lot has happened and this needs to be told. What is written makes the land more powerful, and people will learn to value the meaning to the area.

So, does Transylvania have meaning to you?

June 7, 2010

Why Transylvania can't be without... Dracula, and His Myth

Or rather Vlad Tepes, who was the start of Dracula, made famous by Bram Stoker. What I find ironic is after so many years, most people who like to say they "know" about Vlad, do not really know what they think they know- they are referring to Count Dracula.  What these people do know is the mythical character created centuries after his death know to the world as Count Dracula.

No, this Vald Tepes was far more interesting than his counterpart Count Dracula:

He was not called Dracula. His father, Vlad Dracul Tepes was a Prince of Wallachia.  Wallachia at the time was a princedom, and is now a part of Romania- it was along with Moldavia the two principalities which made up Romania until 1919.  His father was driven in to exile, and Vlad Tepes was born in the princedom of Transylvania.  They were a cadet branch of the House of Basarab. 

He was not the oldest son, his father and older brother were murdered before he became the prince of Wallachia.  According to a few sources, his father was assassinated and his brother, Mircea, was buried alive.

He was not a prince or a count of Transylvania.  Although he was born there, and his second wife was of Hungarian descent, he was not considered a Prince of the land.

He did not live in Bran Castle.  In fact, he probably never really was there- or called it his home. Bran Castle became the home of Queen Maria of Romania after the First World War. 


He was a real Person.

He married twice- once to a lady unnamed in history and once to a Hungarian Princess.

He fought against the Turks.  When he was younger he was a "guest" or better yet a captive of the Ottoman Turks.  This would grow into a lifelong hatred of the Turks.

He was a prince of Wallachia.

He was not liked by certain members of the Transylvania community. They were the ruling class, (Boyars) or they were German merchants  ( known as the Saxons).  Because of this he is viewed in a negative light in Western Europe whereas in Eastern Europe he has a much more positive view, due to the writings by the Romanian and Russian people of the time.

June 6, 2010

Vlad Tepes, Bran Castle and Dracula.

I found this map a while back and I thought it is interesting that the castle which most people identify Dracula with, the legendary creation of Bram Stoker, is close to one city which Vlad supposedly preformed his worst acts on the Saxons of Transylvania.  Brasov is one of the major cities in Transylvania, and it is also close to Bran Castle.  The castle was used by Bram Stoker was not specifically bran Castle, but was near a mountain pass.  Jonathan Harper mentions only one city, Bistritz (it is good to note he used the German name and not the Romanian name Bistrita) in the beginning of the book Dracula.

Brasov was a strong German community and according to German records Vlad Tepes was not happy with the fact that The Saxons did not support him. The fact that he was a Wallachian prince possibly did not cross his mind.  He viewed himself as a powerful war lord who would destroy any enemy in his path.  His preferred method of

Still what is true is that the boyars did not support him and had had his father and older brother murdered.

June 3, 2010

June 2, 2010

Dracula and His Creator

Vlad Tepes was the original "Dracula" or at least so said his creator Bram Stoker. I have learned to be fascinated with a legend.

What is most interesting is that his creator never set foot in the land that Dracula supposedly ruled.