May 31, 2011

The Romanian Royal Family

The Romanian Royal family has been a part of Romania since 1866, although the principality of Romania was sooner than that with the formation of Romania-- a joining of Moldova and Wallachia in 1862.

Carol 1 came to the Romanian throne in 1866 after the place coup lead to abdication of the prince before him.  He had one child-- who died at the age of 3.  The hopes of the royal family rested with Ferdinand, his nephew.

Ferdinand would marry Marie and would have six children, Carol II would have two children, Carol Mircea, who would have been King had his parents marriage not been annulled, Carol II would marry Helen of Greece who would have one child, King Michael of Romania, who has only daughters.

The sisters of Carol II are not a part of the extended Romanian Royal family rather-- one was Queen of Greece, and did not have children, and the other two Queen of Yugoslavia and Archduchess of Austria respectively.  Carol II's brother Nicolas would also not have children.

May 29, 2011

Transylvania After World War Two

When World War Two was nearing its end, three men came together to make choices that would affect Transylvania.

At the time Transylvania was a part of the countries of Hungary and Romania, this was due to the Vienna Awards, which divided Transylvania between Hungary and Romania. This was decided by judges from Italy and Germany.

After the end of World War Two, the men above decided, that Transylvania and its borders would go back to the boundaries pre-1940, but post 1919.  This is in all probability due to the fact that not only was Romania a par of the Allies, and also because There was a high number of Romanians in Transylvania.

May 27, 2011

A Queen in Transylvania... 1922

This is a crowning of Queen Maria of Romania, in the "heart" of Transylvania, Alba Iluia.  It must have been pretty impressive to have been there.  What most people forget is that they became king and Queen of Romania in 1914, at the beginning of World War I and were not crowned until 1922.

There is so much about Queen Marie which has been said but not much about the places she lived, except Alba Iluia, which is one of the more important cities in Transylvania.

She also did posses and leave to her descendant Bran Castles which still looks as much as it did when it was built.

May 26, 2011

Publishing Transylvania

How much time flies when you are having fun, it's been almost 3 years since I began writing this blog and it's one of my most favorite pastimes, and then there is the book which started it all.

Yes, for those who have been here since the beginning of Things about Transylvania, well, you'll know that I am near completion of my book about Transylvania.

It is not on Dracula... although some people did suggest it should be, but it is on the Transylvanian Saxons, and their history in Transylvania, Romania.

Yes there is a city called Bistritsa and it will be mentioned in the book about Transylvania.  It will be out end of June.

May 23, 2011

Where is Transylvania? And The Banat?

I was asked where some of the cities which many consider to be a part of Transylvania are-- and if they are a part of what some consider Transylvania, Romania.

Now, this is a map where the lighter yellow is considered Transylvania proper, but the darker yellow holds a part of the Banat,  There are still many people who consider that the Banat is a part of Transylvania as a whole.  I suppose they have a small point... and no, vampires do not live there

It is considered sometime a part of Transylvania, but I suspect that is for historical purposes.  in fact there was a short lived Banat republic, but a part of the Banat went to Romania, and the other to the Kingdom of Serbia.

A Romanian city Timisoara is a part of the Banat, but the 2002 census which Romania did made it clear it considered the Banat a part of Transylvania, which can cause no end to confusion for many people.  it is similar to who has home and places in Transylvania, the Romanian royal family and the English Royal family as well as many others.

May 20, 2011

Transyvania and the Influential cities within it

On Monday get ready for a newer cities which ar a part of Translvania, or have influenced it... Some of the photographs are already up.

May 17, 2011

Transylvania and English Royalty

No HRH the Prince of Wales does not own Bran Castle, but he does have a smaller castle in the area.  He is apparently taking some time there.

So, not only is the Romanian royal family ties to Britain more than a century old, even the heir to the throne of Great Britain loves Transylvania.  what a great tourist opportunity-- this would certainly make money for Romania and Transylvania.

May 16, 2011

Is There One Version of Transylvanian History?

Transylvania is unique in many ways since there are a lot of cultures who live or have lived in the area, it is important to think about history in more than one way.  It doesn't take much to understand that there can be some interesting stories and history to the place.  After all it is also about where Transylvania is in \Europe that matters as well.

I would even say that the one thing that most can agree on is that the natural beauty of Transylvania is incredible.  As for every other part of Transylvania, I would go as far as to suggest there isn't one version of history.

The history of Transylvania is varied and interesting, and can come from different sources, for example event eh name of Transylvania is not something that you can say is "correct."  Each culture in Transylvania had a different version of the name of the land that they lived in.

You can even talk about Dracula-- Vlad Tepes, and still have different historical versions, dependant upon whose writings you were to read.  The Germans had a more negative view about Vlad Tepes, than did the Romanians of the land.

So, I do not believe that there is one version of history in Transylvania, rather a lot of reading and thinking are required.

May 13, 2011

You Can Almost Write a Book On Transylvania.

I was asked why would you want to write a book on Transylvania?  What makes you want to do something so different in the first place?

Well, it almost makes one go and write a book on Dracula and Hunyadi (The White Knight) where you write a fiction book about them fighting or something... wait that has been done hasn't it?

The other problem is that they probably never knew each other, but it is fiction right?

Still, it would be sort of fun to write about Transylvania, and many have, but as many have pointed out, fact can be stranger than fiction.  After all with centuries of history, you can see that Transylvania has a lot of material to work with.  Ryalty and people and events all seem to have taken place with ties to Transylvania.

The problem is that there is limited original documents that many can access, at the same time they are there and you will need to look for them.... learning both a bit of Hungarian and Romanian is a bonus.  then the documents are of huge value, but then they are always of value to anyone who is wanting to write about Transylvania.

May 11, 2011

Yes, The Location to Bran Castle Is.

This is Bran Castle which was built in the 12th Century.  Bran Castle is located in Transylvania, and is it one of the most famous castles that Transylvania has in its borders.

It is not found in the borders of an older principality, that of Wallachia, but rather it is close to the border and near a pass that many of the Eastern invaders used to get to the heart of Europe, or towards Vienna.  it is now a part of the country of Romania, and has been since 1919.

The castle was made famous by the novel Dracula, and while Dracula seems to dominate its history-- Vlad Tepes himself never actually lived there, but Count Dracula of Stoker's novel did, the castle is still a powerful tourist attraction for Southern Transylvania.

May 8, 2011

A Milestone of Sorts Coming Up

I never thought this would happen, at least not on this blog, I missed on milestone, but, I do have over 600 posts I've done about Transylvania, Romania, Hungary and many others.

The milestone I am thinking of comes in July.  Then I will have had this blog up for three years, and three years with over ( I think, and I hope) 1,000 posts is a pretty big number.

So off to writing more on Transylvania everyone!

May 7, 2011

There Are Castles Other Than Bran Castle in Transylvania: Just Not What You'd Expect

While many would consider these castles to be not exactly castles, they are still on a list.  Betran, the picture on the very top is a Saxon fortress, which is a UNESCO site, but it is considered more of a fortress.

The other is the ruins of the castles of Alba Iluia, which is close to the city of Alba Iluia where the "heart" of the royalty of Transylvania can be found.

Many people would not consider these castles per say, but at some point they were, and are possibly as important as Bran Castle, but just not as well known as Bran.


Because Bran Castle is referred to in a famous novel, and these others are not.

May 4, 2011

Transylvania: A Point of History

The English connection to Transylvania is something of interest to many people, and for the most part hey think of one or two people, Queen Marie of Romania quickly comes to mind, but there is another person who has links to an English Royal family, and a Hungarian one.

Elizabeth of Scotland and English married the Elector Palatine, and would go on to have 13 children.  One of them was Henrietta Marie, and she married Sigismund Ragostski, who was Prince of Transylvania.

Elizabeth herself would become known as the Winter Queen, and her descendants would include: Queen Victoria and Queen Marie of Romania.  History and Transylvania are very interesting things.  So, what happened to this marriage?  Did they have descendants?  They were married in 1651, in the spring and he was the third son of the reigning Prince of Transylvania George I.

Henrietta Marie would die in  September of 1651, with no descendants, and her husband would die soon after, but, most interestingly, she was buried in a famous Romanian city in Transylvania known as Alba Iluia.

The nice thing about history?  You learn about real people.

May 2, 2011

Is Transylvania Something Worth Learning About?

It's a great place to live and learn about.  The place where there are many cultures which still live there.  From Romanians to Hungarians to Germans and many others.  These people have made different histories, but they do ave one thing in common:  The have lived and changed the land many know as Transylvania.

So, in my mind yes, there are many points people need to learn about Transylvania.

Transylvania is a part of the country of Romania, and to compare it to anything would be to compare it to say a state or a province of another country.  The population is about as large as some states in the United States.  The size is also comparable to a smaller country in Europe, but it is a part of Europe, like Romania.

There is so much to learn about this land.