September 30, 2009

Transylvania, Romania and Hungary

I've been writing this blog for a while in order to promote understanding about Transylvania, but there are some days when an emaill come and make me wonder what people really think. I write on hubpages as well, and as it stands, I do get emails, but I felt it best to post the email and my response there.

OF course it has gotten some great comments already and I encourage you to read it. I made my won comments about it aftwards, and some that I feel are important.

Back to the best part of this blog the other blogs whome I read about that I feel others should look at: If you do read this bog and you are the author of one of the blogs below feel free to add a link back to this blog, and add three more.

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September 29, 2009

Transylvania and Romania

This is a map of the area known as Europe before the First World War. If you look at the gray area this is the Austrian Empire.  This Empire would be destroyed by 1919.

Beside this grey mass is Romania.  They had at this point gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in the late 1800s

This is of course during the period when Transylvania was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary and not a part of the Kingdom of Romania.  In fact, at some point it was also known as the Grand Principality of Transylvania.  Yet, for many people they were Romanian by origin of both culture and ethnic.  The also had a different religion-- Romanian Orthodox

September 28, 2009

Transylvania and Romania

I've always loved looking at map and maps about Transylvania and Romania are the most interesting aspect to me. This map below is from just after World War one, and I look at it frequently. It's interesting to see how much hasn't changed since than and yet....

It has. I never thought about it much until I really looked at this, Transylvania isn't on the border of Hungary which is where people always describe it as. More maps things tomorrow.

Okay now for something new, I'm hoping to create a bit of a sensation here so help me out: I'll be putting three travel blogs or blogs about a country at the end of each post, just link back to this one and pass it on to three others we are a community here, so let's get the word out!

England Rents, Rants and Raves. he certainly knows his stuff, and this is a must read blog.
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MedfordHouse blog. Thanks Scott, for letting me know about the RSS feed!

Let's keep this one going.

September 27, 2009

Publishing Sucks (Or Publishing in My Mind)

From Living a Life of Writing
Dear Publishers:

I am writing to tell you that at this point I've tried and tried to get something going with writing and this blog in particular. I've followed all the rules and did all the work and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. Publishing Sucks.

Publishing should be at least challenging and fun, and frankly, right now it's not. I'm over caffeinated, overworked, and running fast out of time to get anything done. I have NO one who actually cares about this blog, or my writing or anything to do with publishing. I simply get letters of rejection and snide comments from people who should know better.

Publishers, I do want to get a book or even several out, published and in bookstores, but that looks and seems so far away. Heck if I can't get people who are my friends to come and read this blog, why should I think that I would be allowed to get a publishing contract with you?

Publishing Books is hard enough. The fact that No One cares is worse. I simply need to chat with any of my close friends to know that writing isn't something that they do. Even if it was they certainly won't read anything I've written this much is clear.

I should sit down in front of the Television and waste my life there until I become a fat slob eating nothing but junk food. I can't and won't do that insanity, and yet I can't convince myself that publishing doesn't suck... nobody listens anyways.

Or do they? You are, right, or you've scrolled to far, which one is it? other writers slave away like me some days never believing that their dreams could become a reality. They do it with just as much time as I have and for this I should care. I do about them.

Yet, we never consider ourselves better, especially when there is little support. I've heard way to many times when you're done this "thing" will we get a break. My answer no.

Publishers, do you understand what every writer who really wants their work out needs to go through? I suspect you do, but I'm not talking about the bottom line, I don't understand that, I simply understand passion, which I am quickly running out of.

Still I can say one thing, this blog is my version of online publishing, and I am a writer. Something that I can say proudly, even if no one reads this I am still a writer.

Rebecca Emrich
Living A Life of Writing
Things about Transylvania

PS, this is a rant I've done about the quality I've been feeling about the blogs I run. Tell me what you think.

September 26, 2009

Bucharest Romania?

Okay I got an email yesterday asking one small question: Why Bucharest Romania?

For more than 90 years it is the city at the heart of decisions affecting Transylvania. (Between 1940-1945 part of Transylvania was a part of Hungary) Some of it has been good and some not so good.

Romanians in Transylvania will argue this point a lot. Hungarians will be against this point. Anyone else tends to be a fence sitter, since they are in a minority.

What is Bucharest to you?

September 25, 2009

Bucharest Romania and Transylvania

I was wondering I read a lot about Transylvania, but one thing that sticks in my mind is when there is constant mention of Bucharest, Romania. I always want to say Bucharest? What does that have to do with Transylvania?

A lot really, in 1989 when the revolution came to Romania, Bucharest faced demonstrations from many cities in Transylvania. These demonstrations would lead to the downfall of the communist government.

The first city? Timisoara.

September 24, 2009

Tour Transylvania: Where in Transylvania You Go To See Dracula

Or Tour the birthplace of Dracula. This is Sighisoara this is on my list of "Romania Tour Transylvania."  Is there something that you would want to tour?  For the most part, Dracula is a great character that people would want to see.  Where is Transylvania as a popular tourist destination without him?

Vlad Tepes  the man who made the character in Dracula so popular.  This is a warlord and a price of Wallachia who was born in Transylvania.  Hence, why most people will take a tour of the city of his birth.

Birthplace sign of prince Vlad Dracul of Wallachia which is found in the city that his father had fled to.

The city itself.  would you Tour Romania and Transylvania just to find out more about the man who lived there?

or is simply touring Transylvania and Romania to see more of Dracula more interesting?

September 23, 2009

Romania: Transylvania Tour

As you all know I would love to go to Romania. I think I found a way go to Romania and Transylvania on a Transylvania tour. I suspect this is the best way to go. With a tour I can see all the historical site, and some of the tourist attractions, for some I am certain it will be Dracula.

So which cities will be on my tour? The main cities I want to visit and explore on my Transylvania tour are: Alba Iluia, Bistrita, Brasov and Timisoara. The rest are also big, but I doubt I'll feel complete without these cities.

Little Vienna as one of these cities is known as, the city of my ancestors, a coronation city, and a reformation city all will add to my love of Transylvania.

A Church in Timisoara

A busy street in Brasov

A View of Bistritsa

Alba Iluia as it can be seen now.
Any other cities you can suggest?

September 22, 2009

Alba Iluia Now

I wrote a post yesterday about the history of Alba Iluia, and I wanted to touch on what the city looks like today. It's a wonderfully busy and vibrant city and many people live there.

Still the past meets in the present as many buildings and monuments still exist. Some were destroyed over time, but for the most part they only add to the beauty of the city.

I must say this is high on my list when I go for a visit to Transylvania. Yes, I've added a few more stops to Europe, Norway and Sweden and Ireland being the three added now.

September 21, 2009

Transylvania and One City

The City and its history I'll mention today is Alba Iluia. It is one of the most beautiful and lovely cities in Transylvania.

1922: The Crowning of King Ferdinand and Queen Maria of Romania was held in Transylvania the city where it was held? Alba Iluia

One of the many historic castles in the area of Alba Iluia. I love the view and the romantic ideas I get from this picture, reminds me of Scotland and England, well almost.

What this ancient castle the place where Michael the brave entered Alba Iluia? This is on a hill after all.

One of the many gates that Alba Iluia has. I love this gate it is old, and yet gives a modern feel to the city.

September 20, 2009

Find Common Ground

What do these three pictures have in common?
A picture of modern day Brasov, the city where Johannes Hunterus lived.

A early style of printing press, the kind that gave birth to more education for the masses.
A small village church in Transylvania.

September 19, 2009

Once in 1600

This is what Transylvania and its borders looked like in 1600 when Michael was Prince of Transylvania.

September 18, 2009

Reformation. Transylvania

The Reformation changed the face of Transylvania, during this time, there was newer protestant groups going into the land. Lutherans, Unitarians and many others.
For the most part the people co-existed with one another. It was probably because in the smaller villages the villagers had one majority culture. By this meaning: in a villages of Saxons there were few Romanians, and in Hungarian village and Romanian village the same phenomenon happened there.
So what else changed during the Reformation?
The Printing Press and the ability to learn.

September 17, 2009

So What About Royalty?

Queen Maria of Romania was royalty, and what royalty she was. A Granddaughter of Queen Victoria on her father's side and a granddaughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia on her mother's side.
Then she became a princess of Romania, until 1914 when he became Queen of Romania, when the King of Romania, Carol I died. Her husband Ferdinand became King.
Yet some say she was the stronger of the two.
This picture is from their crowning in Alba Iluia, in 1922. Why did it take so long? The First World War. from 1914-1918 and then the Paris Peace Conferences. Transylvania became a part of Romania in 1919.

September 16, 2009

What was he thinking???

This is Bran Castle and a map to show where it is. Queen Marie of Romania had done many restorations to this castle while she was alive. I was amazed when I reread the beginning of the novel Dracula, hm, Bran isn't all that close to Bistritz. Maybe Stoker should have looked at a map.

The Castle is now owned by the descendants of Queen Marie from her daughter, and they are making it into a tourist attraction.
One of the big things that stood out was the comment that one of the characters made, the wolfs looked almost human. This is in the middle of the book. I wonder if Bram Stoker was thinking Dracula and werewolves... did he have an idea to merge them later?

September 15, 2009

No, He's NOT!

Below is an image of the seal of Michael the Brave, who was Prince of Transylvania. No, he's not related to Dracula in any way. Please I don't need any more emails about that question.

This is a drawing of Michael himself, he was assassinated in 1601.

In a way he was also legendary as he was the first leader of all three province that would become Romania. He ruled over many peoples: The Saxons, the Hungarians, the Roma, the Jews, the Romanians.
What would happen had he lived longer?

September 14, 2009

Prince of Transylvania, Michael the Brave.

I looked at this photo today and realized how much facts and legends are in twined into the fabric of Transylvania.
This is Prince Michael the Brave who united the three provinces that became Romania. In 1599 this was a significant achievement, since many didn't want the provinces united. He was killed or murdered in 1600, and the provinces weren't reunited for a long time afterwards (After the First World War)
According to legend Michael brought hope and power to the Romanians of Transylvania. since he reigned for less than a year this is hard to believe. Yet, still that comment holds true.
Still there are other legends about Transylvania that are based upon real people and events. Who do you know that lived in Transylvania but became larger than life afterwards?

September 11, 2009

September 10, 2009

Robert Browning and Transylvania

What Does Robert Browning have to do with Transylvania?

There are also many stories about how the German Saxon people of Transylvania came there. Some have a fairytale like quality to them. Some are rooted in historical fact, and some have a bit of both. For the German Saxons where they came from is as important as where they were living. Even the Pied Piper has a bit of the history of Transylvania in it.

The flute of the Pied Piper still calls us to follow him to Transylvania. At least this is what some versions say. The Robert Browning poem, based on this story, ends with the verse that the children went to Transylvania from the German town of Hamelin. ( Or at least the book of the poem that I have)

I wonder.... could Browning know something we don't?

September 8, 2009

Were wolf for the day

I have three questions:

Do you think werewolves are a thing of nature?

Does Transylvania seem to give rise to legends?

What do you know about werewolves?

September 7, 2009

I Wasn't Expecting This.

I got another email in regard to Transylvania, and wasn't expecting the question. Below is a picture of the ruins of a castle near Alba Iulia. According to some records this is where Alba Iulia was founded.

Below is the "blood"countess's castle in the daylight, this is the place where the torture and murders of 600 young woman happened. The castle is now located inside a park, to protect the rare plants.

Neither one, though bear any relation to werewolves or to the Saxons. Werewolves didn't exactly live in cities, well, if they did live it would have been in the small villages that dotted Transylvania.... legends....

September 6, 2009

Saxons, and other things.

Some one sent an email asking the fortifications of the Saxons were to protect against the werewolves.

The short answer is no, as they people were more concerned with Turks, Ottomans and Mongols who would use the land to invade Western Europe.

The werewolf of the legend is simply that, but I think they also pointed out that the correct term is Lycan, however, when mentioning this to someone who knows the area they said the name wouldn't even come close to that: the name could be translated roughly to "wolf-possessed-man"

Does the legend have something to do with the area?

September 5, 2009

So Werewolves?

I got an email in regards to this new series: YEA!

Okay I'm good I'm cool I'm collected. It poses the question does Dracula have a link with werewolves, mostly because they have seen it on TV and movies so often now.

Well the simple answer is no, at least not where Transylvania is concerned. It's the same idea as Dracula only a bit more well know in the area.

For the Germans, Hungarians and Romanians of the area wolves were real and could be dangerous, and a large wolf more so... if they didn't come out often and seemed larger in the moonlight, one wonders why this legend didn't develop. with a land filled with castles like these, what should we expect?

One More thing don't forget to vote. my hub is called money and writing. Keep them coming.

September 4, 2009

Of Werewolves and Awards

I'm excited! I am in the final ten, an article of mine of which I am very proud of is: Money and Writing. Help me get into the top five. All you need to do is go and vote from this link, I'd love to add this to my name.

Read. Vote. Promote. HubNuggets 09/09/2009

Please also read the I have more to say on a rather passionate subject of mine.

This is one of the more fun articles I have. Ever since reading Eva Gordon's book, I've done some research as to werewolves in Transylvania.. or at least the legends.

Of course this meant talking with my parents and their cute stories about werewolves. In fact unlike Dracula, whom they had never heard of until they came to North America, they had indeed heard of werewolves.

I asked them about the difference:

My Mother: it was something believable, as they used to have some very large wolves, who only seemed to come around certain times. These larger ones, seemed almost human like in intelligence. They could get almost anything the wanted.

My Father: After only hearing stories it wasn't until my mother commented that a larger wolf would be immediately feared, they could kill a man, and they also seemed very intelligent, as they could avoid traps and hunters very well.

But were they werewolves?

No, they weren't but it gave rise to the legend since they were not seen often, usually in the moonlight, or in shadows, and they were intelligent as well. There were also few of these larger sized wolves, which is probably the catalyst to their idea of werewolves.

Neither one of my parents had heard about silver bullets or anything like that.

September 3, 2009

The Line of Bram Stoker and the Germans

Mentioned in Bram Stoker's famous, or infamous novel, Dracula, this is Bistritz as the Germans would call it, and one of their seven castles.  By this, the name they chose came from the direct German to English version of "Siebenbergen" or Seven Castles.

Now that doesn't look so scary does it? (Okay, I admit it's light out, so the tower and the hills are bright and beautiful)

A Start to Tomorrow's series: Can you guess what it is?

This is one of my most favorite reviews, I can say that this is one of the best novels in the Romance genre I've read. I enjoyed in and read it twice to give my honest perception of the book. It starts with a character I can identify with, Madeline, and her job in the everyday world.

Eva Gordon is a wonderful author who draws the reader into the book with a grace and intelligence and captures their imagination. Werewolf Sanctuary is amazing.

This is a superb beginning to her series, which I can't wait to review when the next book comes out. I'll be recommending this to anyone, and it can be bought at amazon, for a very reasonable price.

September 2, 2009

Two Images What's the Link?

Here are two images of castles, they relate some how.

The Blood Countess's Castle, in Transylvania

Bran Castle in Transylvania

No, it is not Transylvania but something close.

September 1, 2009

The Castle of the Countess

During the day the ruins are quite beautiful but...

During the evening... the history comes alive.

The Above two pictures are the ruins of the castle where the blood countess was walled in, and where her crimes were committed. ńĆachtice Castle was its name and it was imposing and a vital castle.
In 1708 long after Elizabeth was walled into her room there, the castle was plundered and left to fall into ruin. It is now a park due to the rare plants the area has.
Still I wonder... what would happen if they worked their way through the ruins?